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Em DeMarco’s work is unmistakable. She absorbs her subjects, digests and distills them down to their base ingredients. But what's really impressive is the way in which she reconstitutes those subjects on the page. Her style makes everything she renders teem with enthusiasm, energy and an honest sense of wonder. Her clever and inventive layouts only reinforce these ideas and make repeated readings mandatory.

-Mark Rudolph, cartoonist who draws stuff for metal bands and magazines


Em was a delight to have as a juror and presenter at our annual Media Arts and Design Festival for college and high school age students. She has an infectious, upbeat personality, and her down-to-earth talks and workshops were very inspirational for our festival attendees. She is professional on every level, yet exudes a great sense of humor and is genuinely a very nice person; a complete pleasure to work with!

-Jim Haizlett, West Virginia MAD Festival Director

"Getting Shit Done with Em DeMarco"

June 2016: An interview in Andy Boyle's newsletter about the origins of EmCorp, imposter syndrome, and The Cringe Factor. Click here to read the full interview. Thanks Andy!


Cartooning classes at Lauri Ann West Community Center

Winter 2017: After school comics classes (ages 8-12). Thanks ToonSeum and Lauri Ann West Community Center for the invitation to teach such a creative group of kids.


"Squeaky Wheels" panelist at IRE

June 2013: Investigative Reporter's and Editors (IRE) conference, Boston. Complaint data and public records! What a dream to present at the Investigative Reporters & Editors annual conferenceJill Riepenhoff was the best. Thanks IRE!


Exhibit at the ToonSeum

Feb. 2017: Featured artist at the ToonSeum. (Alongside "From MLK to March," and "Lost Work of Will Eisner.") Thanks ToonSeum for the honor!


Pittsburgh Comics Salon lecture series

Jan. 19, 2017: Guest artist lecture at the ToonSeum. Thanks for the great questions from the audience and moderator, Sally Ingraham. (Photo by Audra Stang.)


Odorama: The year in CAR

Feb. 2014: Investigative Reporter's and Editors (NICAR) conference, Baltimore. A co-investigation of Pa's amusement parks that Natasha Khan and I reported was featured in NICAR's annual roundup. 

Best quote of the day from Jennifer LaFleur: "Would you like to smell the panel?"


"Parallel Mutation" group show

Jan. 20, 2017: Parallel Mutation. Part of a group art show of local cartoonists at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. Curated by Juan Jose Fernandez (who did an excellent job showcasing process and finished works).


Pittsburgh City Paper on pronouns

June 2016: Very proud of Charlie Deitch, my editor at the Pittsburgh City Paper, for writing this story. (Lower in the story he directs readers to my comic about using the correct gender pronouns.) A few months later, the CP began using the singular, gender-neutral pronoun: THEY.


Following the investigation

June 2015: Our co-investigation of the agency regulating Pa's amusement parks triggered a hearing in the state legislature. After the hearing, the agency made the inspection reports searchable in an online database.

Click here to read Natasha Khan's reporting on the outcome of our investigation.