Em DeMarco’s work is unmistakable. She absorbs her subjects, digests and distills them down to their base ingredients. But what's really impressive is the way in which she reconstitutes those subjects on the page. Her style makes everything she renders teem with enthusiasm, energy and an honest sense of wonder. Her clever and inventive layouts only reinforce these ideas and make repeated readings mandatory.

-Mark Rudolph, cartoonist who draws stuff for metal bands and magazines

Em was a delight to have as a juror and presenter at our annual Media Arts and Design Festival for college and high school age students. She has an infectious, upbeat personality, and her down-to-earth talks and workshops were very inspirational for our festival attendees. She is professional on every level, yet exudes a great sense of humor and is genuinely a very nice person; a complete pleasure to work with!

-Jim Haizlett, West Virginia MAD Festival Director