journalist & cartoonist (a.k.a. comics journalist)


Photo credit: Christine To

Photo credit: Christine To

I'm Em DeMarco, a freelance journalist and cartoonist (a.k.a. comics journalist) in Pittsburgh. 

I report and draw a monthly comics journalism one-pager for the Pittsburgh City Paper. I co-edit The CoJo List, a newsletter roundup of nonfiction comics from around the world. Skull Quest is a serialized comic that I self-publish and I always wear earplugs at shows.

Comics journalism isn't satirical. It simply merges the nuts and bolts of reporting with drawing.

Before freelancing, I worked as an investigative and data journalist during a two-year fellowship with PublicSource. Highlights include breaking a national story about fracking wastewater and co-reporting an investigation of Pennsylvania’s amusement parks.

I got hooked on journalism in 2009 when I started producing audio stories for Pittsburgh Indymedia's Rustbelt Radio, an all-volunteer community radio broadcast. Before that, I was a seamstress, carpenter, bread baker, and mold maker.

Want to ask me about the time I built 30-foot snow globes?

Or stitched costumes for pharmaceutical companies?

Or poured molds of real dinosaur bones?

Or hire me?