Hi, I’m Em. I make tattoos in tandem with Nathan Mould at the White Willow in Pittsburgh, PA. You can see the tattoos we make here.

Before this, I was a carpenter, seamstress, bread baker. I was a radio reporter, then an investigative journalist. I’ve built 30-foot snow globes, investigated Pennsylvania’s amusement parks, and stitched mascot costumes. I freelanced for years as a comics journalist.

I always wear earplugs at shows.

For tattoo booking:

If you’re interested in booking a tandem tattoo project, please review the information at the White Willow’s website here. That link includes the email address for the White Willow, as well as details about what to include in your initial email to us.

For work by me, please email me at emdemarcotattoo@gmail.com. If you use Instagram, you can view some of my available designs in an archived story.

Thanks for your interest!

em demarco, june 2019