*** Hi! As of 12/2016, I stopped using Facebook to share show photos. I can no longer stomach letting that creep of a "free service" be the method of documentation for these shows. It's a mega corporation that's using our data -- our likes, our faces, etc -- to sell us things and collect personal information for uses that have zero oversight. It makes my skin crawl. 

Thanks to all of you beautiful mutants who are working for nothing to organize shows, making killer flyers, touring in crap-box vans, recording podcasts/records/cassettes/etc., and cleaning up our messes. You melt my icy heart.

Photo credit: Em DeMarco. Instagram @emcorp_headquarters.

If you want to use my photos on social media, please credit me <3

If you're in a band, I'm happy to send you hi-res photos for your album/publication/etc. Email

***I’m still working on updating all of my photos here. If you don’t see your band here, and remember seeing me at a show, feel free to email me***

<3<3<3 Em